«We have recently joint the project and we could see the excitement of several actors in our community about the approach because it is easy to explain, it is happening fast, it is about a small society where we all come from or live in and it’s participatory engaging various people. The results Youth in Europe has delivered so far in other countries, give hope and with it as well enthusiasm to apply the approach in our town too. The team from ICSRA is unbelievable always ready to help, explain, assist. All the communication coming from them is clear and exact so it is easy to follow the instructions and suggestions. We cannot wait to gather people living in our community, together with them discuss the findings from the survey and design solutions that create better conditions for our youth. To sum it up, the project is motivating, easy to follow and understand and that is why it is very encouraging and it is empowering as we can see that more people feel that they can contribute to and actively participate in development of our society.»


“Youth in Europe” is one of the most precious projects for our organization. Our country has a limited experience in prevention about the use of psychoactive substances in young people. For us it is an extraordinary useful to be part of wide network of professionals from all around Europe. Thanks to Jón Sigfússon and the team for the opportunity to draw on their know-how and programs, to share the difficulties and the achievements, to learn and to move forward. We value your professional work and the energy with which you get in the project.”


«At the beginning, when we first contacted with the statistics in Iceland about the reduction of adolescents’ consumption of alcohol and other drugs, we thought that they were telling us a fairy tale. But as time went by and we could go through the whole project, we realized that the project was very well settled, constructed and strongly based in a very useful tool, that it is the questionnaire of 70 issues about the wellbeing of our adolescents.

We strongly believe that the best methodology to change attitudes and behaviours is the environmental and communitarian prevention, and [Planet Youth] Youth in Europe provide the tools to do it.»


«I had the opportunity to work with the team since 2008, when Bucharest applied the first questionnaires. Then our city discovered that we were not necessarily having a drug issue, compared to other cities, but rather had a problem with the suicide among youth. Next year Bucharest had the first lifeline for suicide prevention, dedicated to children and youth. After several years working in this project and coordinating its implementation, I realized that we were not having only some useful data, but rather we were standing on a gold mine. Basically, the research can provide valid, representative and fresh information about OUR youth from mainly each and every area that could be of interest for a city. Looking for information about substance use? We already know it’s in there. But how about information about other sensitive issues, like depression, anxiety, bullying, suicidal thoughts, spending time with parents, leisure time, sports activities and more? They are all in there, available with a mouse click, after each data collection. They can be used as a base for public policies, strategies, interventions, even for justifying or documenting the need for intervention as a part of different projects submitted for funding to European or other international bodies. It is really a gold mine, and Bucharest as a city is so enthusiastic about this that recommended the program to several other Romanian and Moldovan cities that later also joined: Timisoara, Baia Mare, Petrosani, Otelu Rosu, Resita, Chisinau.»


«The Youth Information Center of the Education and Social welfare department of the Municipality of Kordelio – Evosmos participated in the project titled «Youth In Europe-Evidence -Based Drug Prevention». Specifically, the project is being implemented by the Icelandic Center for Social Research and Analysis, Iceland, in cooperation with Right Now Ehf, within the framework of the European Youth Program Erasmus +.

Youth in Europe has been a special experience for us because it was a program with a scientific approach to the problem of the use of substances that concerns all societies. The research from ICSRA and the implementation of good practices in Iceland has provided us know-how and new ideas how to deal with the problem of substance use. Taking measures at the beginning of the problem is the focal point of this program.

We have already developed proposals that include:
• Calling for continuation of the program, or corresponding programs and actions by the partner organization (ICSRA), etc.
• Creation of a local network with all stakeholders (parents, Student councils, teachers, local administration, etc.)
• Distribution of educational material and information by volunteer youth groups
• Information days for students, parents and teachers
• Experimental workshops (movie screenings, etc.)
• Empowering parent schools

The involvement of the Municipality in such research was an important experience for the executives of the Municipality who worked for this purpose, it was the reason for the local community to discuss and awaken the serious issues that the research was negotiating and also to activate important institutions (universities and NGO’s).

We are very grateful to the ICSRA that gave us the opportunity to participate in the program, we thank all our partners, all those who were visible and also those who were behind the scene and worked for this program .

It is very important to spread the program globally to give the opportunity to societies that have a problem with the use of substances to reduce the problem. We would like to continue our presence in the program in Planet Youth which we are sure will be a great success.»


Participating in YIE for such a small municipality as Santa Severina iswas a great opportunity. YIE has offered the opportunity to participate in a contingency prevention program that has been operating for decades worldwide, even for a small community in the Calabrian hinterland, the province of Crotone considered the poorest in Italy.

Thanks to YIE the community has could have a complete mapping of the riskabout use of substance for adolescents . Data obtained through this simple but ingenious method represents a huge treasure on whichbuild, brick after brick, a better community. YIEinternationalteam has been very supportive at all stages of the project, something very important for a small community that first looked at the prevention sector, as Santa Severina municipality was.